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Our Analisys is Your
Analisys of Financial Documents

Professional Services for small businesses, non profit organisations and trusts.

Processing bank statements

Processing sales invoices

Processing expense invoices

Calculation of VAT

Submission of VAT return to SARS

Calculation of PAYE, UIF and SDL

Submission of PAYE, UIF and SDL to SARS

Submission of UIF to Department of labour

Process monthly payslips

Preparation of financial statements

Provide management accounts

Maintain the company asset register

Submissions Provisional and Final tax returns to SARS

Submissions of payroll reconciliations to SARS

Submissions to COIDA/Workmen’s compensation


UIF Registrations

Monthly submission of UI7

UIF Profile Management

UIF Payments to DoEL

Benefit Applications and Payments

Applications for Benefits

Business Management

We offer business management strategies and solutions designed to streamline (business and organisational) operations and profitability.  

We assist you with the development and implementation of management principles and strategies.

  • Development of Missions and Visions

  • Develop Goals and Objectives

  • Develop Management Principles and Strategies

  • Design and implement Management Matrices and Styles

  • Do Market analysis


We specialise in providing these services to individual taxpayers:

Registration as a taxpayer at SARS

Application for Tax clearances and certificates

Attending to general queries to SARS

Completion and submission of all tax returns (IT 12S, IT 12BU, IT12SE, IT14 & IT12TR)

Consultation and Calculation of Capital Gains Tax

Application for extension for submission of Income Tax Return

Application for exemption from Income Tax

Completion, calculation and submission of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Provisional Tax Returns

Account queries and Payments

Completion and calculation of Farming Returns

Application of the Residence Based Tax Laws

Attending to objections, appeals and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Managing all correspondence and communication with SARS

Application for tax directives and renewals thereof

Obtaining foreign investment clearances

Obtaining of emigration clearance

Financial Management

Financial Structure reporting that helps you improve your business by  focusing on the planning, organising, directing and controlling of the finances of the organisation.


Financial Efficiency


Shareholder Return


More reports

Business Registrations

Designing and building of businesses (Business in a Box);

Business Registrations (PTY, NPC, NPC, PBO, Trusts);


Business models;




Management strategies (Strategic and Operational; and


Shelf Companies (Building and management of) 


Prepare monthly payroll and salary slips

Maintain payroll master data

Calculate monthly statutory reductions

Prepare monthly UIF, SDL, PAYE returns

Complete and provide employee IRP5s

Complete and submit IRP5

Registration as an employer with SARS

Registration as an employer with the Department of Labour

Registration as an employer with the Compensation Commissioner

Calculation, completion and submitting of EMP201 returns

EMP501 reconciliation and issuing of tax certificates

Declarations with the department of labour

Annual wage return with the Compensation Commissioner

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Our Analisys is Your
Analisys of Financial Documents